Cooling-as-a-Service: Decarbonisation by Servitisation

One of the most promising shifts for decarbonisation is the introduction of “Cooling-as-a-Service” or “CaaS”. With temperatures rising globally, temperature cooling has never been as important but comes with a significant environmental footprint. Outsourcing cooling to a third party directly incentivises these service providers to provide service as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible and design a better, less carbon-intensive cooling infrastructure.

  • The carbon footprint of the “built environment” already represents ~26% of global CO2 emissions and will continue to become more significant without fundamental change
  • The CaaS model allows the service provider to assume full responsibility for the design and investment ownership required for the cooling installation and related equipment, associated energy and water consumption, and it’s operation, maintenance and optimisation
  • The service provider is accountable for achieving specific metrics while charging at a fixed price
  • The client is only responsible for ensuring a consistent supply of electricity and water to the equipment
  • The CaaS provider is therefore directly incentivised to install and/or run the equipment in the most efficient way possible

Download the full report for more insight regarding CaaS and its potential impact on decarbonisation

Sources: United Nations, Global Change Data Lab, IEA, The Economist

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