Software in Asia

Underpinned by continued digitalisation, rapid adoption of localised, cloud-native mission-critical Software, attractive demographics and other market tailwinds, Asian Software is set to outpace Global Software growth, reaching ~20% share of the Global Software market by 2028.

In our latest insight piece, we summarise our key observations on the Asian Software landscape:

  • Scaled Software companies have proven operating leverage, and demonstrated accelerating cash flow generating ability
  • Emerging technologies such as AI are expected to drive continued expenditure on Software
  • Software founders and management teams are increasingly tracking non-traditional SaaS-oriented metrics to meet the needs of savvy investors
  • Many traditional non-Software companies have become Software companies as they undertake such strategic M&As to remain relevant and competitive
  • Emergence of local champions driven by the heterogeneous nature of the Asian markets, with differing stages of development and diverse languages and cultures

Download the full report for more insights regarding Software in Asia. 

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