22 March 2020

BDA’s Euan Rellie discussed global market volatility with the South China Morning Post

March 22, 2020
The South China Morning Post

BDA Co-Founder Euan Rellie spoke last week with the South China Morning Post’s US Correspondent, Jodi Xu Klein, about the market volatility caused by the coronavirus.

“Markets are veering wildly on any piece of news, whether optimistic or pessimistic. We’re seeing the highest level of volatility I can remember,” said Euan Rellie, co-founder at investment bank BDA Partners in New York.

“Most of us think the markets are oversold, but they could drop further before they really stabilise and recover. I’m seeing plenty of hope and plenty of fear, but not much optimism out there yet.”

“The Trump administration is taking it seriously at last, and now doing a good job,” said Rellie. “We expect a big recovery once there’s good news about the number of cases peaking, or any medical advance.”

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