Our services

We advise our clients on divestitures, acquisitions, capital raising, debt advisory & restructuring and valuations.


of transactions are cross-border


We are the most active sellside advisor in Asia and we draw upon that experience to drive sellside processes that maximise value and certainty for our clients.

The majority of our clients are sophisticated financial sponsors, large multinationals and founders, seeking premium advice on sale situations typically with significant cross-border complexities.

  • Acquisitions

    We have a long track record of advising multinationals and financial sponsors on acquiring businesses in Asia, or Asian businesses acquiring in the West. These acquisitions can be either stand alone investments or bolt-ons to existing businesses.

  • Capital raisings

    BDA assists with the financing needs of companies at all stages of their development leveraging our extensive network of financial and corporate relationships. We help companies raise equity and debt financing from the most appropriate sources, including private placement to financial institutions, strategic investors or financial sponsors.

  • Debt advisory and restructuring

    Our core skills allow us to advise our clients on corporate restructuring and debt refinancing projects. We can work on situations involving:

    • Refinancing of existing debt facilities
    • Optimization of capital structure
    • M&A solutions as part of corporate restructuring, including JV restructuring or dissolution and disposal of businesses and assets
    • Corporate finance advice to bankruptcy administrators
  • Valuation services

    BDA provides expert advice on corporate valuation, applying analytical tools and industry-specific knowledge to assess the market values of corporate subsidiaries, businesses and classes of assets. While such valuation analysis is typically delivered as part of our sellside or buyside advisory mandates, BDA also provides such services to financial sponsors and global companies on a standalone basis related to actual or potential transactions.

Supporting founder-led businesses

BDA offers expert guidance to owners and their advisors in family-owned or founder-led organisations when they’re navigating important decisions. We address various needs, from capital raising, or bringing in strategic partners, through to facilitating a change of ownership. We understand that closing a deal is a pivotal milestone in the journey for CEOs, founders, and their advisors.

BDA will be with you every step of the way