17 December 2022

Huong Trinh on DealStreetAsia: Real estate and logistics market

Huong Trinh, Partner and Head of Ho Chi Minh City at BDA Partners, shares insights on the real estate and logistics market in M&A on DealStreetAsia.


“Accumulated dry powder and pent-up dealmaking lead to increased demand across all segments of the real estate market, with residential and industrial properties and projects attracting the most interest in 2022.”

“There is still ample headroom for development and investment opportunities in the segment, as Vietnam still needs to fill the demand of foreign corporations for the modernisation of industrial facilities to catch up with global standards and the introduction and integration of tech-enabled supply chain and logistics networks throughout the country,” said Trinh of BDA Partners.

In the short-term, M&A in real estate in Vietnam will be impacted by overall uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment and tightening of liquidity in the market, as the “easy money” period has come to a temporary halt, said Trinh of BDA Partners.

“Given tight liquidity available in the local banking and corporate bond system, we believe that there are opportunities for regional private credit funds, which have not been popular in Vietnam in the past, to penetrate the market,” she said.

Investors, Trinh went on, will require higher interest rates and more liquid assets to be used as collateral, reflecting the downgraded market outlook.

According to BDA Partners, foreign investors will continue to hunt for investments in both real estate projects and developers, driven by clear opportunities to capitalize on incumbent market potential in Vietnam’s fast-growing and transforming economy.

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