20 October 2022

SEA FinTech investment landscape

Jeff Acton, Anindita Das, Rishi Das

The FinTech sector in Southeast Asia (SEA) has been flourishing in recent years, with ever-increasing capital flowing into the region from global investors and market leaders. In our latest insight, we take a closer look at the key trends that make SEA an attractive FinTech market, the dynamics within key FinTech verticals, and how we expect financing activity to evolve.

Key takeaways:

State of the Tech markets

  • Global equities are experiencing high volatility and have been roiled over inflation fears, rising geopolitical tensions, and escalating interest rates
  • High-growth companies are witnessing the greatest share price declines (>50%) as cash flows far out into the future are discounted harder, amid rate hikes
  • While public Tech valuations appear to have plummeted, they have in fact eased down to the 10-year historical baseline
  • The pace of private capital deployment may have moderated relative to 2021, but remains vigorous and surpasses that of all preceding years
  • All-time high dry powder in 2022 is expected to fuel continued deal velocity

SEA FinTech landscape and exit thoughts

  • SEA is one of the most vibrant Tech ecosystems globally with a booming FinTech sector
  • Singapore and Indonesia account for two-thirds of SEA FinTech deals
  • Payments and lending drive more than half the region’s FinTech deals by value; crypto/web3 companies have been gaining traction among earlier-stage investors amid growing institutional awareness
  • Mounting unrealised value at a time when public listings/SPACs have lost their shine as a viable, attractive exit route
  • Private financing rounds/M&A are expected to intensify over the longer term as the ecosystem matures and more investors flock to SEA to tap into the region’s growth, talent, and disruptive business models

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