Manuel C. Menendez III

Senior Advisor

Mr. Manuel “Manny” Menendez, veteran international businessman, has been doing business in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region for nearly four decades.  As part of this work he founded MCM Group Holdings, an advisory service organization specializing in international business development across a broad range of industry sectors, with expertise negotiating cross-border investment & trade, developing successful market entry strategies and M&A.

Manny was an early pioneer, active in China’s return to the world markets in the late 1970s. In the early 1980s he was President/CEO of Great Eastern Development (GED) which completed the first US – China Equity Joint Venture for a major Fortune 100 company. Manny’s involvement in China’s ‘Opening Period’ also included establishing business activities with newly-created CITIC (China International Trust Investment Corporation), working with MOFERT, Provincial & Local Governments, SEZs, EDZs, SOEs, Ministries, etc. He advises U.S., Asian, European and multi-national corporations, as well as smaller companies, NGOs, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs.

Manny contributes his time by advising governments on strategies, policies and initiatives related to sustainable economic development and tourism. He stays involved in humanitarian endeavors by assisting in delivering medical supplies globally to those in need and in recent years to disaster areas in USA, China, Japan, Haiti, and Vietnam. He is a former (pro bono) United Nations special advisor to WHO and UNEP.